A Gift Of Dance


"Life is a dance, from one stage to the next" 

A Gift Of Dance is a delightful program that offers every young student their first introduction into the exciting world of dance and music. Classes are designed for students to use creative movements, that foster body coordination, develop motor skills and rhythm awareness. Additionally, it provides a path to explore their own imagination.

Young students are encouraged to learn new skills in a nurturing environment to enhance confidence for their future and develop a lifelong love in the performing arts with their new found enjoyment in movement.

Students are offered the opportunity to showcase their skills in a wonderful supportive environment. At Steps the young upcoming performers study syllabi offered from both the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) and the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD). CSTD is a prestigious international syllabus that gives aspiring young dancers a strong foundation in all forms of dance. RAD offers a classical syllabus, this affiliation is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world. Students are given the opportunity to showcase their new learnt skills by participating in an examination, which takes place within the safety of the our studio. We have found that examinations offer our students the ability to strive for goals and be rewarded for their efforts with a lovely medal as a memento of their first years in dance.

First Steps has been created for students aged 2/3 years to involve them in the discovery of movement, music, and imagination for the first time. This program encourages the young student to expand their world through movement and fun and develop independence at a young age. Your child will blossom and meet new little friends at dance while improve their coordination and gross motor skills. He or she will love the mime and movement with fun props while developing their skills to follow basic instructions.

Tiny Steps program is aimed for young students aged 3/4 years, expanding on the first steps program with the encouragement to refine their dance steps, incorporating the use of arms for their development of body awareness. Rhythm and counting beats with the music, forms the foundations of their musical development. The students flourish with mime and the use of props creating a class full of fun.

Tiny Tappers enables the young dancer to experience a new style, this is a progression of rhythm, coordination and musicality. The students develop basic tap skills explored in a supportive environment. Tap develops balance and increase muscle tone and with basic movement patterns it is also very beneficial to other forms of dance. This program continues to develop students’ ability to recall a combination of dance steps and patterns. This is a fun filled class utilising rhythm equipment and creating "loud" music with their feet.


"To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance."  


"Feel the music and dance"

Little Steps program is designed for students aged 5/6 years and begins to challenge our young students skills in a enjoyable and exciting program of Ballet, Tap, and Modern Jazz. This is a great introduction for the young dancer to expand their knowledge of dance steps and explore movement and combinations in small routines, building further confidence in their dance abilities.

Junior Steps provides the 6/7 year old students with a confidence building program full of fun as the student explores their love of dance. Students become excited about working and training towards examinations as they become aware and confident with their bodies. A structured syllabus is taught in each subject to develop and enhance the young dancers knowledge incorporating routines, exercises, stretching, and an introduction to the language of dance.