Performance Teams is a great program for the student that wishes to experience dance on stage and behind the curtain.This program is tailored to create a supportive transition for the student, from the technique classes to performing infront of an audience.

The leap from situation classes to becoming an artist in the industry can be intimidating and daunting. This program therefore creates an encouraging, supportive and fun way for the student to grow and experience dancing on stage. This program is available to students of all ages.


Within this program, the student will get to perform in all genres that they study in their technique classes. The student gets the opportunity, not only to learn new and exciting choreography but how it is created, re-blocked then pieced together, ready for the performance.

Learning to work with peers and to be adaptable is very important to ensure a successful performance to the stage. Costuming, stage make-up, working with props and many other elements in performances, is exciting but challenging in the education for the dance and entertainment industry.

What makes Steps Performance Program unique is the leaders in the industry. Our teachers have over twenty years of experience with working in the entertainment business, from various shows, movies, opera's, commercials, video clips, magazines and catwalks.

This combination of expertise enables Steps to deliver relevant knowledge to the students to nurture the students into performance on stage. If you have a passion in music and to dance, then this program offers the student an exciting and fun experience to train hard and perform on stage.





"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"


“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.”